Thursday, 27 September 2012

Our house today

Seems we're in overdrive for our house these days. I went with Serge this morning to sort through the latest round of decisions and check on the progress. Showed up to a hive of activity. Counted about 30+ guys working. I decided to snap a few pics to show you all what's happening  ... and maybe educate you  a bit more about building in Rwanda!

One of our 'under the eaves' guys. Each piece of wood is cut by hand

Leveling the front yard for planting grass

Had to smile.. these guys were reinforcing the
scaffolding! Ha!

Putting in the forms. Getting ready to cement the top of our
garden stairs

And this is how you plug in your drill

So the electrician guy forgot a switch.
Now they're chipping out where the line needs to go

Our windows and doors being made

Piles of sand, rock and gravel waiting ...

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Anonymous said...

Great pictures. It is wonderful to see the progress. D&M