Monday, 3 September 2012

Last Hoorah before Third Term

Bowling came to Kigali earlier this year and our family has enjoyed it on different occasions. Serge and I are SO thankful for something else to do with our family in the city. It's always a HUGE challenge to find something family oriented to do.
The scoring is a little different, a guy with a hockey stick cleans out the pins and rests them for you at the other end ... but other than that ... it's bowling!

Somehow I landed on my butt and about followed the ball!
Of course the kids thought it was pretty hilarious!

Beni getting into the action

Bowling shoe style... same the world over!

Prince beat us all ...


Giancarlo said...

Piace anche a me, e spesso cado come te!! Un caloroso saluto....ciao

Anonymous said...

LOVE THIS!! My kids and I virtual bowled on the XBOX Kinect yesterday. Our last hoorah of gaming for a month. We shall bowling challenge your family in Kigali one day! :)