Saturday, 22 September 2012


This morning Isabella, Beni and I had some lively chat around the breakfast table. Serge had already gone off to our house that we're building (seems the electricity wasn't working for some reason) and I knew Prince wasn't feeling great so I let him sleep in.
Isabella was telling me all these animal facts that she LOVES learning. Did I know that turtles don't have teeth? Did I know there were flower shaped fish at the bottom of the ocean? Have you ever seen the fish that blow up when they're scared? 
Beni is always concerned that I know he will protect me. So sweet really.
'Mommy, are you scared of sharks?'
'Oh, yes.'
'Mommy, I will fight them for you!'
'Mommy, are you scared of lions?' ... and on the conversation goes through all the big scary animals that he knows and he always confirms that he will protect me from them. 
I was holding them, hugging and stoking their little cheeks .... all the while eating pancakes. (Ate the last of our real maple syrup this morning... sad).
As I stroked Beni's cheek this morning and he leaned into it, taking it all in, I was reminded of something that happened earlier this week.
I was out and about and was greeting some children.
As I went to greet this one little girl, I went to stroke her cheek. She was so cute...
She immediately flinched away from me - rapidly turning her head away.
My heart sank.
How many times had she been hit on her face?
Poor dear. Probably about 3 or 4 years old. It's already ingrained in her head that if a hand is coming towards her, it's to hit her.

Just made my heart go mmmmmm....

Beni and Isabella rocking the baby to sleep!

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