Tuesday, 11 September 2012

I Miss My Dad

It's crazy how one grieves through life. It comes in waves and most of the time very unexpected.
Today I'm went to the funeral for the father of our dear friend Jules.
I didn't know his dad at all be we know most of the family.
I couldn't help myself from crying when they took the casket out of the church. Again when they they lowered the casket into the grave and again when the family went forward to pay their final respects.
It will be 5 years at Christmas that my dad died. It's amazing to me how life can be 'fine' and then on other days I miss him too much. I find myself talking to him in the car sometimes when I'm alone believing that he can hear me. It's in moments like today when it all seems like he died just yesterday.
I would never wish him back as I believe with my whole hear that he is with Jesus, in a perfect place of peace and rest and I  believe he wishes us all to be with him. I believe that I will be with him someday. But the time between now and then ... I can miss him.  I think that's a good thing - just not an easy thing.
I am also very mindful that many in this country and round the world don't have a dad, or a dad that loved / loves them dearly. How blessed I am in the midst of my tears and sadness.

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Ken said...

Hey Jen...praying for you. I know this is already a bit old but just wanted to let you know I was thinking about you. =)