Monday, 31 October 2011

A Thief!

Serge and I are sitting here at the dining room table working. Our two workers are cleaning the floors and the kids are just waking up from their naps.

Solange, our house girl, went to get something from the outside and found an 'unknown man' in our compound - a thief! She ran back into the house yelling 'thief' and Serge and Bucumi, our outside of the house worker, took off running.

They watched the guy hop the fence and Bucumi took up the pursuit outside... but the thief was not to be caught. He did drop Solange's wallet though and we don't think he got anything else!

It was the same guy who got in our house and grabbed my phone a couple months ago, but Solange got him at the gate but couldn't hold on to him. She did get my phone back though!

We know that in all these years we have been here, God has protected us... and even today. We know we have had other guys jump our fence in the daytime and night but none have gotten anywhere and have been found out before they get far into our compound. Just last night we heard some glass breaking and went to investigate but found nothing. Did someone throw a bottle over our fence to see if our watchman was awake?

We know that God has protected us in the past and he will continue to but for sure... all of this is a bit  unnerving. Hence, I'm writing. Hoping to calm my nerves a little...

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