Thursday, 13 October 2011

New City Buses!

So.. a few weeks back, Kigali got some new buses. Sent me into culture shock!
Crazy I know but hey... when I've just been used to public transport being a bicycle (Yes you can pay someone to take you on the back of their bike!), a motorcycle, a car or a minibus - more like a 12 passenger van outfitted for 18 people... new city buses are a big change. They even have the scrolling, digital readout to tell you where they are going!!

When my kids first saw them... 'Mom! looks like the movies. Looks like the buses we saw in Canada!'

Got thinking about them as I drove around yesterday. I got looking at the minibuses and thinking that I'll miss them should they ever stop them from running. You see, most of them are painted in the owners favourite whatever - sport or musician mostly. We have Beyonce, Shania Twain, Jay-Z, Vince Cater (they forget the 'r'!), etc. etc. They are colourful and full of character.

They represent someone who has enough money to buy a minibus and either hire a driver or he drives it himself. They also hire a conductor to collect the fares.  They represent the people of Rwanda.

With the big city buses moving in... how long is the 'little man' going to last? Will they all be out of jobs and therefore unable to provide shelter, food and education for their families? 

Development is great, but yesterday I was wondering... still am...

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