Saturday, 12 June 2010

Something Totally FUN!!!

World Cup Fever has hit Kigali and I`m thinking all of Africa!
Serge was able to buy a decoder yesterday for a decent price and get it hooked up on the same day (miracle!) at the church for the street kids! (Thanks interns!)
They had come for their regular Friday lunch yesterday and about went through the roof when Serge told them to be back at 2pm to watch some football on the big screen.
Prince and I went and joined them for the two games yesterday - South Africa vs. Mexico and France vs. Uraguay. Amazing how much Prince knows about football. Totally reminds me of my brothers in the 80`s. They could quote just about anything from the Kitchener Rangers as well and the rest of the OHL. Guess it`s DNA for boys who are 12ish. Great that South Africa scored the first goal of the tournament!
The fever pitch is crazy!
With 6 African teams playing, it`s like 6 home teams PLUS they LOVE Brazil and need to see France play as well. Thinking we`ll be showing at least two games a day for the rest of the tournament.
Looked at the schedule... tournament ends July 11th.. ONE MONTH!!!
Are we crazy?
Maybe... but it`s so great to give the kids something they love. They would need to pay to go see it somewhere else and they just can`t afford to do that, or they`d do something they shouldn`t just to get a little money.
And we get to speak into their lives during halftime.
Been thinking that maybe I should be doing snacks for them... mmmmmmm... now maybe that will put me over the edge of crazy... but any ideas?


Mike G said...

I'll be in Kigali for the final match!

Rwanda momma said...

Yes you will!!! Thinking you'll be awake?? ;-)

Mike said...

haha... we'll have to see about that one :)

Anonymous said...

Hey Jen...that is a great thing you and Serge are doing for these kids! They will remember it for the rest of their lives...and will also talk about it with each other for the rest of their lives. You're correct in comparing it to Craig and Lindy with the Rangers. We all still talk about Eric Lindros beating the Rangers TWICE during the Memorial Cup run. Keep up the great work...oh, and you'll make's what you do! Be sure to make some of those pumpkin whoopie pies for me, will ya'?

Rwanda momma said...

kyteman... you make me laugh!! You are so Right! I haven't changed that much :-) Good suggestion by the way!

Rhoda said...

Love it! Helping people have fun is definitely one of your gifts Jen :) What a great idea to show these kids that having fun and enjoying life is important too!

Carol B said...

I love that you are doing this for them! I can just imagine how much they enjoy watching. I heard the chant the boys did when playing volleyball on the radio the other day and smiled.

lori said...

World Cup-Great distraction from everyday life. It allows hopes and dreams and possibilities. But far greater is the hope you are spreading of Jesus Christ. Our prayers are with you and your amazing family.
We are watching Africa (and Italy--don't tell Prince, I don't want him to think badly of his aunt!!)
Our Love