Monday, 28 June 2010

The Many Faces of Isabella

This past week-end our family got to travel to Gisenyi, Rwanda's Beach town to have a little family r+r (plus 4 interns!) and go to a dowry giving for Serge's cousin.
I snapped these pictures of Isabella during breakfast. So many of you don't get to see her growing up, so hoping this will give you a little glimpse of our 3.5 year old girl!

telling a story

Yes, I am taking your picture!


I don't think I agree with what Prince just said!

pulling a Medea

Pretty good, eh!?!


Dorah said...

The faces of a Prince and then Isabella....loved all of them pictures...and its not such a bad idea that you have another child ....maybe even twins,lol!

8 pregnant cows! very clever, soon they will hopefully be sixteen and then also lots of milk...hmmm!

Rwanda momma said...

I know!!! Crazy expensive bride I tell you!
Don't even THINK about more babies for us. We need to get on with life! We have enough cuteness to deal with.