Monday, 14 June 2010

A Cool Encounter!

We went out for lunch yesterday after church to a new little place called La Fiesta.
COOL thing!!
Found our old houseboy there in the kitchen.
Vienny is a young man who knows how to COOK!
We were one of his first employers and he was still trying to figure his life out. We 'hung in life' with him for a long time, trying to be tough love, give him a chance, etc. - knowing and believing that he could be a better person than who he was. He said that he loved God but the head just didn't get connected with his heart.
One day, after he had lied to us, yet again, it was time to let him go. That was about two years ago now. Regulary, he has called Serge since then, first to apologize repeatedly, then ask for a job ( sorry, we have great workers and don't need another) and then to ask if we knew anyone who needed someone. I know that he has held small jobs here and there, but nothing stable and life has been hard for him.
Seeing him in the kitchen at La Fiesta, did our heart good.
In chatting with him face to face, he has changed. God has changed him.
Vienny is going to go places!
As soon as Serge had taken a bite of his fish... he knew that Vienny had cooked it.
We always said that Vienny could cook us the same meal for 5 nights of the week and it would taste different and delicious everytime.
We are pleased and happy for him that maybe, just maybe he has found his place AND he's using his gift! Thanks God!


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the update. Our kids were wondering about him and where he was. We can vouch for the good cooking. Anyone who can make my kids love veggies has to be good. Must take me there when Eric and I come.

Ruth J. <> said...

that fish was GREAT!
a wonderful last meal in Rwanda =)