Monday, 7 June 2010

Old Kamari Had a Farm...E-I-E-I-O

Serge and I have a piece of land on one of the thousand hills in Rwanda.

To get there, you head east of Kigali, turn left just after the village of Rwanamagana and keep going up to you come to the village of Fumbwe. You continue to Pastor Desontos house, park the car and then walk....
About a year and a half ago, Serge was talking to Pastor Desontos. He is a pastor in the Vivante denomination which we are part of and part of the group of pastors which we trained for three years. He was simply sharing life with Serge and they were dreaming together how life could be better for the Pastor, his wife and two small children.

They live a very modest village life in a small two room mud brick house subsisting on sweet potatoes, matoke and beans.

A village pastors life is not easy in Rwanda. They are left to survive on the meager offerings of their congregation who are also subsistent.
As Serge and I talked and prayed about this, we had an idea... which we believe is from God.
We would buy a piece of land close to the pastors house and farm it.
We did just that. Don't ask me exactly how big it is, as I have no idea. What I do know is that it is overlooks a small lake and more wonderful hills of Rwanda. It would be a great spot for a cottage... only if we're into no water, no toilet, cooking on charcoal, no electricity... you get the picture. Great spot for a farm! :-)
The first thing we did was get the land cultivated and we planted some food crops. The food would then be shared between the pastor and his congregation. The returns were not great as the land had not been cultivated and fertilized for a LONG time. They then planted some sorghgum which they harvested and they continue to cultivate some of the land.

But... what we have wanted to do all along is buy some goats. Serge and I thought that if we buy goats then when the mama goats have babies, we would split them with the church. Thanks to an adult Sunday School class from Slave Lake Alliance Church, AB, we bought six nice mama goats. AND we just had our first babies!! WOOHOO!! Serge just went to see them this past Saturday.

So we got the goats... why not a cow! We bought a cow AND she just had a baby calf last week. Another BIG WOOHOO!! Now the pastors family will have milk to drink! SO good!

Now before some of you jump all over me because the cow is definitely not a true type Holstein... just know she was bred to a Holstien, so we're on our way! But half breeds do much better here anyway as purebreds are alot more fussy about what they eat.
This is all pretty exciting for us and Serge is feeling the 'farmer' coming out in him!

We've also built a small barn and small house on our land. The associate pastor lives in the house and takes care of things for us.

Oh... they want me to come and teach them how to milk a cow! Been a long time, but my dad always said that milking cows was like riding a bicycle - you never forgot.

Our little farm is continued at home with two crown cranes - Jack and Nicki, and about 15 rabbits - you know how they multiply! The kids want a dog... no dog!

NO wise cracks about 'old'...


cochrane said...

Pastor Desontos? No way! Is he still down past Fumbwe? Man, could I tell you stories about THAT crazy dude. He could always put the matoke away, that guy...

That first picture of Serge with the goat... Looks like the goat's a puppet to me so I'm not that impressed...unless he can do a little vantriliquism or something.

"And on that farm he had a crane?"

Anonymous said...

Jen's back on the 'dairy' farm. Craig and Lindy will be jealous!

Rwanda momma said...

First.. Graham you make me laugh as always!
Second... Kyteman.. it will always be there I think :-)