Tuesday, 24 January 2017

To Be Known...

All of us want to be known. 
We want to be known by our name. 
When someone - people - know our name, it tells us that we belong - that we matter.

I was reminded of that yesterday as I was driving to pick Beni from school. 
I was lost in thought. 
(I miss playing the radio... I am so over Voice of America...)
As I slowed to go over a speed bump, I heard my name. 
Beside the road, waiting to cross, was a young gentleman whom I met years ago. 
He translated for us once upon a time. 
He smiled and waved.

As I drove away, I smiled and my heart was deeply content as I was reminded once again that Rwanda is home - and I belong. 

I am also grateful that I remembered Julien's name... He does matter to us.

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