Friday, 27 January 2017

Oh Rwandan Child!

Just a shameless plug for 'the first of it's kind' book. 

I've purchased three for each of my kids. 
I know it's only available on Amazon as a download (for those living outside of Rwanda) ... 
but if you have kids and are interested in Rwanda - DO IT! 
Or just do it to support literature and reading in Rwanda. 

If you want a hard copy, just message me and we can sort it! 

AND they have just released this new one 'ABC's of Rwanda' - a few days ago. 
Can't wait to pick them up as well for each of our kids.

This is SO exciting! Relevant books for my kids - even if they already know their ABC's. 

Can't wait to see what books they come up with next to promote literacy, writing and reading in Rwanda. 
Maybe Isabella will publish a book with them someday...

Check out their website if you're interested. 

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