Saturday, 28 January 2017

I love my Washing Machine

I do enjoy FaceBook most of the time. What is great for me is that I get to keep up with friends from around the world and keep a bit up to date as to what is happening in their lives. 
It also give me some memories which I also enjoy being reminded of. 

Today, 6 years ago, I got my first washing machine. 
Prince would have been 15, Isabella 4 and Beni 1 year. 

I remember well, our workers watching the machine (front load), in amazement as the clothes cycled through. Also remember them saying..'Why haven't you had one of these before!' 

What they were thinking about was all HOURS spent each week washing our clothes - and diapers. And when their was no water, they had to haul 20 litre jerry cans of water from the closest place they could find and then wash the clothes. 

I did a load of laundry the other morning and I remember saying a quick prayer of thanks to God for the machine and how well it has served us all these years. Sure I always have to check if we have enough water in the tank to do laundry and there are days and sometimes weeks that it's not possible BUT let me tell you... when the tank is a good 3/4 full - the laundry is getting done... as long as there is electricity :-) 

I've got laundry piles waiting ... and I'm hoping for tomorrow!

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