Tuesday, 8 July 2014

Wedding Feast Prep

So thought you.. .whoever is reading /seeing this... might be interested in the food prep for a Rwandan Dowry Feast. 

Saturday was to be a busy day... dowry (where the grooms family officially comes to ask for the Bride's hand in marriage) is at 9am ( but seriously this is Gisenyi and they are NEVER on time!), lunch for all, the groom comes to pick the Bride for church, church, photos, reception, reception dinner for all, gutwikurura (where the Aunties officially move the Bride into her new home), debrief, and drinking and dancing... 

Friday night we show up at Auntie Mathilde's house to check on the progress of everything before heading out to dinner and some World Cup watching. Auntie is a sister to Serge's father so that makes the bride his DIRECT cousin. He's feeling a bit responsible that this wedding happens well. 

This is what was happening about 5pm...the night before the wedding... 

Just a few of the ladies.. peeling potatoes.
Stems from the cassava plants in the background ... stocks
of Muzuzu (sweet plantain banana) all ready to be peeled...

The first 4 crates of Fanta (soft drinks-)
to show up... 

The goat ... living his last hours.
Curious who slept on the mattress the night before...

10 chickens have already breathed their last

More fanta and some beer showing up.
Uncle's won't be happy if they can't celebrate properly!

The decorator arrived while we were there and dumped this on
the road. Sure hope it looks like something before morning!

8am the next morning... 

The Bridal tent is ready

One of the Family sides... duplicate on the other side of the
Bridal tent

Matoke being peeled and brochettes on the fire

The end result.. .enough food for 200+ people

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