Wednesday, 16 July 2014

Training at J.Lynn`s

Each Wednesday afternoon at J.Lynn`s you will find 15 ladies and gents who are house help and looking to improve and expand their cooking repertoire.

We just finished a 10 week course on Cooking Basics. 

We have just started a 12 week course on Cooking Methods - roasting, grilling, steaming, baking, etc. etc. for both vegetables and meats. They will walk away with 14 new recipes to try in the homes which they are employed. 

This class filled so quickly and we have one already signed up for whenever we might offer the next class... not sure what to do with all this... 

It has crossed Steph and I`s minds in one of those crazy, hair brained ideas to do a televised cooking show here in Rwanda as we get SO many requests for training. 

We basically work with house help... but there are so many Rwandan girls getting married that don`t know how to cook and if they do, they want to get beyond, potatoes, rice, ugali, sombe, cassava and meat in sauce. 

Who knows... in the meantime we give opportunity to those we can. 
They pay a little money and walk away with new skills and a certificate. 

Leatitia our trainer... teaching pan fried tilapia.
Bonus for me... I get to sample them all!

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