Sunday, 13 July 2014

J.Lynn's @ July 4th...July 11th

We helped the Americans celebrate July 4th... on July 11th. 

I know the Rwandans are always happy that the Americans let them have July 4th to celebrate Liberation Day (end of genocide) 

J.Lynn's is always happy to help the celebration with food. 
We did all things American... red velvet, red white and blue popcorn, lemon meringue, chocolate peanut butter, brownie base cheesecakes, star shaped donut pops, old fashioned lemonade, etc. 
And we about sold out so we were thrilled! 

Rachel, Steph, me and Serge... and our new sign!

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cochrane said...

Very nice presentation, Diabetic risks notwithstanding!

Do you ship?