Thursday, 26 June 2014

Sunday Worship

Last November we were part of a small group starting a new kind of church in Kigali ... or Rwanda really. A church that seeks to make an impact in peoples lives in all aspects - spiritually, socially, economically. A church that is lead with plural leadership. A church that seeks to have people moving in their gifts. A church that people don`t need to be `perfect`before them come. A church that sees a community transformed. 

It's been so fun to be see who's been coming to join us regularly and where God seems to be taking us. We're in for a ride for sure - but we knew that from that beginning. :-) 

Sunday blessed my heart. We have a dynamic little worship team. There are usually four of them - Olivier, Arsen, Robbie and Stephanie. Olivier and Arsen are brothers. Orphaned since they were very young and maturing into wonderful young men of God. Robbie and Stephanie are joined us long-term in January for 2 years and have been a great asset to this team as well. 

Sunday... Robbie, Olivier and Arsen along with Henry from the Kiziba Refugee Camp. 

When Robbie is in the camp he connects often with Henry. Henry is part of the youth leadership there which we continue to mentor and develop. I`m sure he can play about anything and writes music all the time. He`s been teaching Robbie some of his songs. Robbie had just told him that he was going to introduce one of his songs at the church on Sunday. Henry mentioned he would be in Kigali for the weekend visiting so that didn`t  take much persuading from Robbie to have him come to play his song... 

Robbie the American missionary, Henry the Congolese refugee and Olivier and Arsen the Rwandan orphans. Doesn`t get much better than that. All people that God is in the process of transforming. All using their gifts to serve the Kingdom. Thinking a little glimpse of heaven yeah?!

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