Wednesday, 11 June 2014

Parents Day at School

Our kids go to WellSpring Academy. 
It is supported by the WellSpring Foundation which is Canadian. They work hard to train the teachers to have integrated classrooms where various teaching styles are used - not just lecturing which is the most common here in Rwanda. 

Monday and yesterday provided Serge and I with the opportunity to visit their classrooms for a few hours. Here's a little glimpse! 

Each kid did a presentation in either math, English,
reading or science. Isabella... the introduction to everything. 

Was hilarious to watch her ... typical bored kid -
sprawling in the chair, leaning on the desk, messing
with her hair, etc. etc. :-)

The school has beautiful grounds

Prince in a discussion group on the impact on the projected
population growth in Rwanda.

Demonstrating various aspects of Adobe ... next up,
basic web design.
We got their mid term reports too. Always keen to see exactly how they're doing and see how the rest of the class is doing as well. 
The school has just been accredited with the Cambridge system so that has brought some new and exciting changes to the school - challenging ones for sure, but good. Onward with an international education!

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