Tuesday, 22 April 2014


The other day as we were driving, Isabella asked, 'How long do we need to Kwibuka?'

Kwibuka means to remember in Kinyarwanda.

Each year as Rwanda enters the Memorial of the Genocide, they pick a theme / slogan.

This year it's Kwibuka 20 - remember, renew, unite.
The signs are everywhere around town.

As we drive, I reflect on Rwanda today. 
I have heard so many personal accounts of the genocide - where people were, how they survived, how family members didn't, they ask why they are alive, etc. etc. - and I am again moved in my heart as to where Rwanda is today. 

Yes, it is not without its challenges - but goodness, what country doesn't have them in one way or another. 

I answer Isabella's question this way... 

'We must never forget the past as it helps us to learn and to be better people for the future.' 

So... we remember, we unite together to be one people and we resolve in our hearts to renew ourselves adn this country. 

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