Friday, 25 April 2014


I LOVE this!! 

In Kigali... MilkZone's have popped up around the city. 
If you have read my blog for any length of time, you may have read my rant on the lack of fresh of milk. 
Not that we don't have cows... and in a culture that values cows about most anything ... but where it the fresh milk. 
More times than I can count, I have gone on the milk hunt - usually in vain.

So... MilkZone's... a little shop... with a tank and tap ... and you just bring your own container and fill it up and need I say it's  about half the price of buying in a store. 

Kind of reminiscent of me going to the barn to get milk from our milk tank... well sort of... 

Love supporting the dairy farmers of Rwanda. 
But that can only happen when the shop is open and there is MILK!! 
So... some days they are open and some days they are not. 

A thought... maybe cows don't give milk twice a day like they did on my daddy's farm... just a thought...

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Sindi said...

Hi there, your blog is very interesting. I will be in Rwanda in December, I am from South Africa. I am so excited. A lot if my friends are from there. Glad you finally starting to find milk hopefully milkzone owners will find a way to work efficiently.