Friday, 28 March 2014

South Africa

Earlier this month, we got to take a vacation.
Our dear friends, Paul and Marlene came to visit us for about 4 weeks and asked us to go with them on a little vacation to South Africa - to Kruger Park.
It's been awhile since we've had a proper vacation - before Beni was born - so we decided to go for it. The kids school wasn't too excited about us taking them out for 6.5 days a week before exams started but hey - sometimes things only come along once in a lifetime.

The following are some pictures of our adventure.

Paul Kruger himself

Baboons .... great time watching them with the babies

All kinds of bird watching with Marlene... beautiful ones!

My favourite animal.. but didn't see as many as I had hoped.

Saw the hippos across the lake and then they swam over to us
and gave us a bit of show.

A baby hippo ... first time for that.

Crocs ACROSS the river. Big boys to say the least.

Yup... no zooming on this one. A bit close but fabulous
all at the same time.

And a baby... we all loved seeing it.

BIGGEST elephant ever ... and about 20 m from us.
Just rolled the car back and let him cross...

An entire herd crossed the road in front of us in another place.

A kudo

Time for ice-cream!


So we saw two in the bush and we SO excited and then...
they started moving. I was driving and realized I was exactly
parked on his path out of the bush... rolled the car back pretty
quick and then it was one.. and then the second right in front
of us! Unbelievable!

Another unbelievable... two male lions just chillin' beside
the road. Yup.. just parked on the other side.

All kinds of impala... or their relations. Be the morning of day
two, we were bored with them and didn't even get excited.
So many...

Loved the colouring on this bird.

Wilde beast...

We got a huge kick out of this tortoise. He was MOVING
up the road at a speed we never knew they could even manage.
Kids thought he was probably late for a meeting that was
the day before.

Pumbas... warthogs

Stork of some sort...

Zebra and their ox picker birds

The last animal we saw... a leopard... BESIDE
the road. Couldn't believe our luck - or
rather, how God blessed us with this.

One big pussy cat...
And that was part of our adventure. Was a great time.
We were blessed to hear that while we saw all kinds of things,  other friends had friends in the park the same week and they basically didn't see anything.
We were most blessed indeed and would highly recommend that trip to anyone.


Susy K said...

WOW! That is amazing you were able to see all of those animals!!! What a blessing.

So thankful you had a great time, and thanks for sharing the pics. Especially loved the leopard!

Ken said...

Great pictures Jen! I'm jealous!! =)

Linda said...

Lovely series of photos.