Tuesday, 25 March 2014

Komeza Women at J.Lynn's...

Komeza Women... Strengthening Women

That is what J.Lynn's is all about.
With an average of about 18 workers around each day, life is never dull or quiet! They are busy making the daily batch of bagels, fulfilling customer orders, or doing one of the various other task to keep life moving forward.
We will start to roll out the business entrepreneurship program as well in April. That will bring a whole new level of work and commitment for them. As we finish up the individual interviews for business and their current life situation, it's challenging and fun at the same time to be thinking and dreaming of what journey we can take these women on to be who God has created them to be. 
Most of  the women who make J.Lynn's happen each and every day!
Another grand addition to our team here is Stephanie Watson. Her husband Robbie is also in Rwanda and digging in - literally! - to make the grounds of J.Lynn's a better place.
Stephanie and I chatting through a cake order... SO fun to have
someone to bounce ideas off of.
Classic line... 'Sure we can do that...' and we have no idea but we
trust the skills we have to produce something that is saleable!
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Susy K said...

Great to see you back! And hopefully life stays at a maintainable speed for you for awhile now :)

Love all the work that is being done at J Lynns and glad you have someone to bounce ideas off of - two heads are generally better than one! Keep it up friend.

Pray for you guys often. May God continue to provide for you guys in all you do! Much love!

cochrane said...

Nice picture of the group. Thanks!