Tuesday, 27 March 2012

New Stoves!

When one is poor there are many challenges in life.
One of them is finding enough fuel to burn to cook whatever food they have. If they don't have money to buy charcoal, they scrounge for firewood which is difficult as it is illegal to cut trees in Rwanda.
On top of that, most of the simple foods - dry beans, ibitoke, sweet potatoes and potatoes take long to cook. Beans take hours!

The government has stated that they wish people to be using high efficiency stoves. Less fuel consumption and lower cooking time. Not to mention lowering respiratory disease and cooking fire accidents with children.

A few weeks ago, we had the priviledge of bringing this training to Pastor Desonto's community in Fumbwe in partnership with a foundation from Norway.
(Line sent us an email through the ITC website! Amazing really... )

Pastor Desontos getting ready to make a stove

Beating the clay into submission

The finished fuel efficiency stove

Making the cooking basket

Demonstration of cooking
They still used the 'old' method to cook as the
new stoves weren't ready to us.
Boil the rice for FIVE minutes

Then  take it off the fire and put the pot into the cooking basket.
30 minutes later - rice is ready to eat!
Bonus.. the basket can manage two or three pots of food AND it
keeps it warm for up to 8 hours!
Next people to train... Ubuzima - those with HIV/AIDS!

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