Friday, 23 March 2012

Matter of Principal!

Yesterday I dropped by the post office.
We need to go and pick up our mail from a post office box and I go about once a week, no more, because I don't want to be disappointed that there is no mail.

Yesterday... a few things for us and a package for Maddy.
I knew that Maddy had been waiting for one sent from her grandparents - in November!

Usually we have no difficulty in getting packages here in a timely manner but we have had the odd glitch with the numbers one and seven.

Our IT box number is 6723 ... but depending on which Rwandan looks at that number, they think it is 6123, as sevens when written here, have the hash mark in the middle.

So... her package notice had gone to the wrong box.

We can be glad the package is found BUT I'm not impressed that they want to charge us 5000 RWF ($8.33) instead of the usual 590 RWF ($0.98) to get the package out!! 

The 5000 RWF is the late fee for not picking up the package!
I could see on their slip that someone had crossed off the 6123 and written 6723.
The lady simply would not budge to my argument that it's not my problem that they made the mistake and that we could not have picked the package earlier as we didn't know it was here.

After some minutes, she suggested that I come back another day when her superior was in and have a chat with him. So... I left without the package.

Maybe I'll get back today.
It's a matter of principal people!


Shelley Campagnola said...

As much as I totally get your frustration, I do have to laugh as I picture the scenario!

There are some places I won't send mail unless I can physically put it in someone's hands who will physically make the transfer to the intended recipient.

Trust that beyond this, you are all doing well!

Peace and joy to you.

Ken said...

Oh Jen I am so with you in spirit you have no idea ( probably do). You make them pay! =)

Haha...I'm glad other people have these experiences...