Thursday, 22 December 2011

While Visions of Termites dance through my head....

So the other night I was dreaming termites.

On Sunday I had went into my office and as I put my hand on my bookshelf for support as I reached for something, I felt a crunch. It was the 'dirt' which termites create to build their shelters!

Because I had broken their home... the little critters were scurrying. NOT cool. I took some deep breaths and went for some insect spray. As I sprayed and removed the two books they were focused around, it was another bad to worse moment. They had basically eaten both of the books!!

So... Sunday, Visitors... I disposed of the books, sprayed the heck of what I could see and closed the door!

Monday and Tuesday I spent cleaning everything on the office. I had NO time for this but I was not about to be beaten by a bunch of termites! By Tuesday night... I believe I won. For now. We'll fumigate early in the new year.

Only lost three books so that was great news for me.

So where do the visions come in you ask?

Well, I'm dreaming on Tuesday night of termites... termites everywhere. On me, on the bed, all over the house. As I'm about to lose it, I feel these little hands on my face. They are turning my head and in a little voice I hear, 'Mommy, I love you.'

I have no idea when Beni arrived in bed with us but it was the best ending to visions of termites!


Max Cowman said...

As an avid bookworm, I’m sad whenever I see stories of wasted books due to termites. It’s a good thing you were able to get rid of them before they got to completely damaging your books. You may be able to deal with that pest problem by using camphor mixed with water to clean your shelves so that those pests won't come back.

Lucile Lynch said...

That’s just too bad about the books. I hope they weren't too expensive or had any sentimental value. Well at least you'll get the place cleaned up of termites and be rid of them forever. Termites are a really terrible infestation. To prevent having them in your house again, always check your wooden structures and furniture for sawdust and fecal matter. And when buying second-hand or antique furniture, have them checked for termites first.