Sunday, 25 December 2011

Christmas Moment that made me stop...

When you leave our house and turn right, you drive through a little settlement of 'small / bad' houses with a million kids it seems. After these houses are the two shoe repairmen of the community. Day after day they sit under their little umbrellas and mend shoes or anything else that might come their way.

Today is Christmas and the two men are sitting under their umbrellas.

We are a bit taken back. Our comments about it... 'Why are these men here, it's Sunday AND it's Christmas.' 'Must be here because they don't have money for the day to eat.'

A lump has risen in my throat and I'm doing my best to not let my tears spill over, as I think about this whole situation - here we are, headed off to spend the day with Serge's family and I know there will be enough food, laughter and fun

It's Prince from the back of the jeep saying that we should turn around and give them money... we do. (Proud mom moment!)

Both are married and one has two kids. As we drive away, I pray for the families. May the little money we gave them, bless them and help them know that God has not forgotten them.

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