Friday, 9 December 2011

What goes around comes around?

So after our board meeting this past Saturday, Emmanuel, one of our board members here, and I got chatting.
He had just come back from meeting in Germany. Not sure exactly what but know he met up with some people from Evangelical Fellowship of Canada. Did I know them?
Anyway... we got chatting.

I have known Emmanuel for a long time. He's married to Serge's sister cousin. Serge and I were the Matron and Best man in their wedding. He's a great young respected evangelist in this country and understands the times ... of the country, of the church, etc. 

He starts to talk his passion... mobilizing Rwandan to be missionaries.
He is also the President of JBU here... InterVarsity. This year they sent 7 university students to South Sudan on a mission experience. Was a great experience for them, and he knows they went as naive people - zealous but no training. The conversation heats up between us... both passionate. My 'past' of mobilizing the Canadian church is flashing before my eyes... the speaking, the training, the facilitating... 

Nothing like this is happening in Rwanda. Emmanuel is passionate that the Rwandan church is raised up. He knows it needs to happen well - but how. I know some of what it takes... training, orientation, debriefing, etc. etc. I tell him the heart of IT... to see people mobilized to share Christ, how to become a full partner in IT we need  all of it... not just doing ministry here but mobilizing the church to mission here and the ends of the earth.

My soul is stirred... 

I always knew this would come, but now with Emmanuel already in it and fired up... maybe sooner than later. Thinking IT may be helping to send Rwandese to the world. Yeah!

Next move.... Emmanuel and I will find some time to continue chatting through this some more. Can't wait... but thinking it will need to wait until January...

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Rhoda said...

Wow! This really is exciting!! :)