Thursday, 28 July 2011

Since my last post ...

Yesterday, Mama Deborah called to inform me that Alphonsine's landlord had come yesterday morning to kick her out of the house. I asked Mama Deborah if she had anywhere to go. Nowhere but the street. The team paid for six months rent - $16.67 / month - the five that she owes and one more. That brings her to September 5th.

On Tuesday at the weekly meeting of Ubuzima, I was reminded that Claudine was also owing 4 months rent and the landlord was calling. The team paid for that as well today. Five months at $33.33 / month. That takes her until August 20th.

I haven't heard any 'crisis' from Mama Patricia but thinking that the team should pay their rent too...

But then what??

These women are not lazy. They everything they can to try and support their family.
Happens they are poor in material wealth and have little finances.

I know that paying their rent is the right thing to do at this point in time ... but what about September??
We so desire sustainability .... the dream but in the meantime, we do the little bits that we can to keep them from being homeless.

Exciting thing happened today - Ubuzima had their first repeat customers! We're praying that this is part of the solution. Pray with us that it is!

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I have been looking about doing such a project. Do you have an email or phone number I could phone?
Thank you.
PS: at the moment I am still in Europe and intend to come to Kigali this year.