Friday, 8 July 2011

Fun in Mombasa!

We had the priviledge of traveling to Mombasa for a week to attend the IT Africa conference. Was such a great time to spend with those whom we minister alongside on this continent. 

We pulled Prince from school, went three days early and made it a family vacation as well. (He failed a physics test the day after we were back ... ARG!! Oh well.. .exams start July 18!) We packed a lot into the days we had.

Wild Waters - our kids have never experienced anything like it so it was grand to take them to a water park. They ALL loved it. I also enjoyed the slides... it had been SO long! Kids thought it was hilarious that I flipped around and came down backwards on a big curvy slide. Mom was not thinking it was so hilarious... just a bit of screaming...

Keeping cool

Our dear friend Dora joined us for the week-end!

Prince wishing he could take it all back to Rwanda with him!

Relaxation... SO needed!!
Another day we toured Mombasa... saw all kinds of sights and animals

Isabella always a bit scared, we FINALLY got Prince to
feed them... and well Beni - he'd ride them if he was allowed!
Forget how hold this guy is...
Isabella sitting pretty in a window at Fort Jesus - an old
Portugese Fort - with the Indian Ocean in the background
Camel rides on the beach! Good time but as far as I'm
concerned - don't have to do that again!
Ride put Beni to sleep though... mmmm...
 Then it was time to spend four days with fellow IT folk. That was fun too...

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Susanna said...

Love the family pics - so glad you got to enjoy some relaxation time together!

Thanks for posting and keeping us all in the loop on what is happening in your life, and what God is doing around the world!