Sunday, 7 August 2011

I can see!!!

On Saturday, our current team was in the Kiziba Refugee Camp.
As they were walking one of the team members took a picture of an elderly woman. He then turned his camera so she could see the digital picture.

She couldn't see the picture as her eyesight was not good.

Al, the team member, took off his glasses and put them on the old lady thinking they might help her.

Next thing he knew, she was jumping up and down and hugging everyone around her giving thanks and praising God for her regained eyesight! She could see herself in the picture and see everything clearly around her.

Needless to say, Al went home without his glasses...


Susanna said...

I love this.

Thank you for sharing your life through this blog!

Love you guys.

Lana said...

What a great story....I read it to Pat too.....we can just picture the woman jumping up and down. God Bless Al and his selfless act. Praise God! WOOP!

Alison Witt said...

Love it1 What a great story.