Monday, 28 February 2011

Paradox of life in Kigali

So Friday night Serge and I FINALLY got out on a date night. Can't remember the last one. It was a long time coming and especially after a pretty tough week.

We try to have it in our calendar for every Friday night but as I said, I can't remember the last one. Anyway, we well remember the days in Kigali where there were only like 4 or 5 restaurants to chose from. Now, restaurants seem to be springing up everywhere. We've come back from Canada and have more than a few new ones to add to the list to try.

We decided to try 'The Manor' - advertised as Kigali's only Boutique Hotel - sporting three restaurants with more to come. 

As we pulled up... valet parking!
NEVER seen this in Kigali.  Fun. Serge was quick to point out that there are probably more than a few rich guys in Kigali who aren't going to be too quick to hand over the keys to their luxury cars to some parking guy.

Inside... gorgeous chandeliers, nice decor, Italian restaurant, Irish Pub and an Indian Restaurant with a Chinese to open soon.

As we sat in the Indian restaurant on the rooftop looking out over the 180 degree view of Kigali - stunningly GORGEOUS - we marveled that we were still in Kigali.

So what's the paradox you wonder...

Well, for electricity, you buy pre-paid cards to put into your meter at home. On Saturday, their entire system for distributing electricity was down. We ran out of electricity. Serge searched the city for ways to find some but to no avail. Bank had to close. Shops had to close. We lit candles.

Valet Parking one night, no electricity the next.

Gotta love Kigali!

(Electricity was back Sunday afternoon!)

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Mike Goerz said...

I DO Love Kigali!!! Love the last few posts... it's awesome to hear about the new things ITeams is doing, as well as how Rwanda/Kigali in general is moving forward!! I'm still reading Rwandan news everyday and wishing I was there!! Just a heads up that Ann and I are concidering a year internship in Kigali a year after we're married in October... hope you guys can come up with things for a newly married couple to do!! Love you guys!! All the Best!!