Saturday, 19 February 2011

Krispy Kreme / Tim Horton`s have come to town!

Well... sort of.

The kids, interns and I headed out this morning to check out the ABC (African Bagel Company). Heard they were doing fresh donuts and coffee each Saturday morning from 9 to noon.

WELL... for starters there were more muzungu's (white people) per square inch in Kigali than I have ever seen, I think. My friend Valerie, a fellow Canadian missionary, was there as well and asked me if I knew half the people. As I looked around... nope... counted about 10. (Happy to keep it that way!)

There were lots of kids running around so Isabella and Beni joined right in. Someone had brought baby bunnies for the kids to play with so that was grand as well.

As for the donuts... fresh, hot, melt in your mouth. Wonderful!
Isabella even got a `sprinkle`one! 

We'll be back some Saturday morning in the not too distant future for sure.

Was thinking as we drove away... that was a complete Krispy Kreme / Tim Horton`s experience - the donuts from Krispy Kreme and the meeting place of Tim Horton`s... all on a dirt road in Kigali.
Gotta love it!!

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