Thursday, 17 February 2011

It's Thursday noon and I've had ENOUGH of this week!

How does one just sort of curl up and forget about the rest of the week and hope to have a fresh start - like next week or something?

Let me know if you know something I don't!

Just home from going to Immigration for the FOURTH time in less than a week. Enough already! They do have one of the most efficient offices in the country - no kidding - BUT!!!

So last week I went specifically to ask what I SPECIFICALLY needed to extend our interns' visa. From past experience, I was SO going to be on top of this. I got the list and left feeling like I really understood the new process. (3 hour wait)

Tuesday, Karyn our intern and I went to the Immigration office to deposit. They would not take the photocopy of her college diploma. Must be the original. Who travels with thier originals!! ARG! (2.5 hour wait)

Wednesday morning we were back at Immigration having decided that we would just apply for the 90 day VISA extension and we'll worry about extending it at a later date. (2+ hour wait)

Where was her Volunteer Contact? First I had heard of this as the first guy never told me anything about a contract ... Fortunately they took the file as it was her last day to apply for the VISA.

Okay... back again this morning to hand in the contract. Got the first guy who had given me the list of requirements. When I handed him the contract, he looked at me like 'What is this for? You don't need this.' Whatever! Now we wait for the message saying that it's finished - hopefully! (didn't wait too long... just jumped in when there was a break in the people - SO not like me but Serge called to check up on me and prompted me to jump in. I can be a little Rwandese when I need to be!)

Then we went to the post office as Karyn wanted to mail a letter to her boyfriend. No post to Canada!


Guess in December sometime, some country in Europe who acts as a mail hub stopped all mail from Africa / Middle East / wherever to Canada and the United States. Who knew!
We can receive mail... just can't send any out. They say it is temporary... sigh

I was SO going to try to be on top of correspondence this year. So much for that!!

Well.. all that... we have another intern coming in tonight. With so much time at immigration this week, not feeling ready at all. My mind is more than exhausted too.

This is where I feel a bit overwhelmed and want to curl up somewhere.... as I laid down with Beni for a nap my mind drifted to dreaming of us under some palm trees by the ocean. Like that idea!

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Alison Witt said...

Hang in there Jen! Taking a nap with Beni sounds like a good idea when the frustration builds up. How can they not have mail to Canada?? Crazy. Thank God for internet and blogs, and facebook. But sometimes you need real mail! May your patience and perseverance and energy be renewed and multiplied.