Saturday, 30 October 2010

Monday`s Comin`

That is the day that Serge and Prince are scheduled to arrive in Canada.
So very exciting as this will be Prince`s first time to Canada and there is so much to show him and so much for him to experience. 

It will also be the day that the on slot of activity will avalanche into our life.

Most missionary families get 6 months or a year to do what we have 2.5 months to do - spend as much time as possible with family, hang out with friends, connect with current and potential donors, spend time at the IT office, shop and try to relax a little. Don`t get me wrong... I`m not complaining in the least... but what does get me is that some people think that our time back in Canada is this long extended vacation. Mmmmmmmm....

Think I have yet to talk to a missionary who says that their time on home assignment is even close to a relaxing and refreshing time. We always joke that we need a vacation when home assignment is over! :-)

Well.. here I sit at my mom`s, writing a blog, the kids are having a nap, mom`s out and I`m watching a bit of TV... and I AM enjoying some time when no one is wanting something from me by phone, face to face or email.  

I just talked to Serge and he's running crazy in Kigali trying to get everything done before he and Prince get on a plane Sunday night. Told him to be chewing back the Vitamin C as well... don't want him to get the colds and coughs that we all have here in Canada. Sure hope I'm feeling better by then, cause Monday is comin' and everything that will bring for the next 2.5 months! 

If we get more snow in the next couple of months than you would want... just remember it's for us!


Lana said...

Praying for a safe journey for your boys. Wish I could be there to see Prince's face. Take lots of pictures!!!

Karebear said...

O, so I am allowed to blame you for the snow? Good! Actually, I can't complain. I am in NZ at the moment, where it is spring... we'll hook up after I get back on Nov. 17th. I pray that the busyness isn't too overwhelming and that you are all able to enjoy Canada and its people.