Wednesday, 27 October 2010

4 Years Old!

Our little Princess turned four on the 21st. 
Had a great time sharing her birthday with Grandma - who also celebrates her birthday that day. 
(If you didn't know I am already in Canada with Beni and Isabella... you do now. Serge and Prince arrive Monday to start our home assignment.)


Alison Witt said...

Happy Belated birthday Isabella! You make a fine princess. How was the travel home with the kids Jen? Hopefully it wasn't too stressful.Just a few more days till the rest of your fam joins you (=

Lana said...

Abby LOVES the dress and tiara. You look beautiful Princess Isabella.

Anonymous said...

Hi Jen. I didn't realize you were in town already. Are you staying with your Mom. Hope to see you sometime. Yvonne told me you would be sharing at WMBI sometime. Many other places also, I's sure.


Anonymous said...

Ohhhhhh!!! Isabella you are even more beautiful than you were a year ago when I met you. You truly are a princess!!!! Hugs and Blessings Always, Neala

Anonymous said...

Isabella was obviously born on our wedding day!!! It was a great day of blessing all over the planet obviously!