Wednesday, 22 September 2010


Nathalie is 39 years old, has 5 children, her husband left her when she was pregnant with the last children - twins in 2000. She lives in the Kiziba Refugee Camp.

Serge, Nicola, Isabella and I had a great day with her.

Nathalie started an association in the camp a number of years ago for women with HIV/AIDS. They started weaving bags and then baskets. She is now crafting paper bead jewelry and giving the proceeds to the JCM Youth group in the camp which she is also a leader ... and we their ministry as well through various means. 

It was  a great day to catch up, check out what she has made, give her pointers on where to improve and tell her what I would buy. Lots of encouragement all around. 

I am headed to Canada in early November and plan to take some handicrafts made by Rwandan women.
I am SO excited that God has given me this opportunity to give this refugee woman a 'lift' in life for her hard work and diligence in trying to do something with nothing. We're praying for lots of multiplication on her efforts!

If you'll see me in November or December... I'll have some great Christmas gifts to buy... hint, hint!

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Rhoda said...

That's my kind of shopping! Thanks for sharing the stories of these beautiful people Jen!!