Friday, 3 September 2010

Last team of 2010

Been wanting to put some pictures up from this team... Philpott Church from Hamilton, ON. This team of 9 was a blast. They had lots of energy and jumped into everything with hearts and minds wide open. Once again we were privileged to see God working in and through them. 

Thought I'd share some pictures to give you an idea as to what their experience with us looked like.

They went to the 'top of the world' with Serge to experience the Kiziba Refugee Camp and make sure that our 19 students were ready to go back to third term in school.

They also checked out the gardens, the cell phone charging and the hair salon.

Looks like the cabbages are growing just fine!

They then came back to Kigali and spent most of the rest of their time loving on our street kids.
Each day about 60 kids showed up to worship, learn about themselves and God, eat and play.
SO much fun!

Every day started with peeling... potatoes, matoke, carrots, tomatoes, garlic, onions... and then the slicing and dicing. 
Kids comin'  
Pastor Joe had the kids spellbound by his magic tricks 
Always football 
And volleyball
Amber learning new games
Dan serving lunch
Denice loving on Isabella... thinking our kids go through withdrawal everytime a team or an intern leaves. 

They also shopped at the market to assemble 80 bags of food for the Ubuzima group - 80 households affected by HIV/AIDS. They did amazing at batering for sugar, beans, rice, sosoma and oil.
Somehow I have no pictures of this... mmmmmmm...

I am always amazed as to what happens from when we pick a team at the airport to when we take them back to board their plane home.
They love on Rwandans and all the while God is moving.
So great!

Wonder who God will bring our way in 2011?

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Alison Witt said...

Such great memories. No question that the experiences we had in Rwanda have made a lasting impact on our lives. Thanks again for hosting us so well. A big hug for Isabella!