Tuesday, 20 April 2010


Just have to laugh... should have welcomed you first before I started just writing what was on my mind :-) Thanks for coming to check this out. Trust you will come back often to see what is happening my life. In living in Rwanda since January 2006, I have said many times that I need to have a blog - more for my own wellbeing then for others but hope that it is informative and entertaining for you as well. Finally... today is the day. Not sure why today... have lots of other things to do - finances, laundry, have the English Service Team meeting here tonight so need to prepare for that, - Beni is having a nap and Isabella is singing away as she prepares who knows what with her little kitchen set - so I should be on my to do list but here I am... guess this has been on the to do list for a long time!! Welcome to my life as I journey with God, my family, the people of Rwanda and others who cross my path in life. Need to go. Almost lunch. Have this feeling that today is good day!

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