Friday, 23 April 2010

So I met the Governor General AGAIN!!

Went to the reception at the Canadian Residence last night along with about 120 other Canadians and friends of Canada - as they say.
Was a fun evening... had some great appetizers - including fried shrimp and shrimp skewers. SO wonderful!! WOW!! Most all the drinks were Canadian too including Saskatoon Berry Sparkling Champagne.
Serge and I chatted with the Her Excellency for about 5 minutes. She is completely genuine and lovely. Told her that I was inspired by what she had shared at the women's round table the day before - about being carted all around Haiti as her parents taught in the rural villages. Told her that I sometimes wondered if I was doing the right thing by exposing my kids to so much... but God used her to continue giving me inspiration and peace in doing that with Prince, Isabella and Beni (She thought we must have the cutest kids... of course we are completely biased!). She was visibly moved. At the end of our chat, she kissed me on both cheeks to thank me for sharing that with her. Was a special moment indeed. She had been in Goma, DRC before she came to Rwanda so she and Serge chatted about life in Congo vs. Rwanda. She is well informed and very compassionate.
It was quite the evening.
Serge and I drove home shaking our heads in amazement. We really have no idea how we get to these sorts of things but thinking God just smiled on us.
Will try to see if I can get pictures and post them. Know the official photographer, so we'll see. Hope so!


The Muellers said...

what a fun, neat experience!

Ken said...

I have many comments about this post and other things you've written but since I'M GOING TO SEE YOU IN JUST OVER A WEEK!!! ...I'll wait until then... =)

Carol Baker said...

Thanks for sharing about our Governor General. It's nice to hear positive things. Glad you were blessed by the experience.

Alison Witt said...

Very Fun! I have been following her travels a bit from the reports in the newspaper so knew she was in your part of the world. Didn't think you would get to chat with her though!