Tuesday, 20 April 2010

New Jerseys and Cleats!!

Our street kid football (soccer to those how live in N.Americans!!) team is ALWAYS excited when they receive new footballs but they were over the moon to receive some 'new to them' jerseys (Thank you BOW whoever you are / wherever you are!!) and CLEATS!!! Rich and Robin are fellow missionaries here in Rwanda with Tent Makers for Rwanda and they had some teams coming in March and wanted to involve them with our ministry. We were glad to host them as they brought medical expertise, fun and of course the football wares. Our guys got to use the jerseys and cleats on Sunday afternoon for the first time in a real game against another church here in the city. They put up a good fight by lost 4-2... blaming it on the new cleats!! GO figure!! They have always wanted them and now, they're blaming them! They are just used to playing in bare feet and their old shoes, I guess.

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