Wednesday, 15 March 2017

Food - Pleasure or Necessity?

Last night I was chatting with a dear friend in Canada. 
She has been here multiple times and is coming back soon. (YEAH!)
She was lamenting the fact that the rest of her family was not coming with her (they have in the past) and what her son wouldn't do for some baked tortilla chips from J.Lynn's and a Fanta Fiesta. 

She then made the comment about how much they talked about and enjoyed the food while they were in Rwanda. 

I responded to her... 'I just wish that I could get my women to understand how much people enjoy the food they make!' 

You see, in many parts of the world people eat to survive. They don't eat because they can or even think that they have a choice in what they could eat or want to eat. 

In the western world - especially North America, life evolves around food and we are preoccupied with what we might want to eat next or what we NEED right now.   

I remember well when Serge and I started hanging out and we would go out for something to eat. 
I'd ask him what he was hungry for....
Food was his answer. 
I would get frustrated because surely he could think if he wanted chicken or beef! 
No so... 

(We've now been married for over 11 years and 'sad' to say, he does know what he wants now when I ask that question!)

So back to my women... they don't understand that the bagels they make, the donuts, the cupcakes, the baked tortilla chips, hummus, salsa, etc ... are loved by so many people!
That they are making food that makes people happy! 
That it brings a sense of 'home' to someone that is thousands of miles from where the rest of their family is. 

I keep trying to get them to understand ... I want them to be proud of how happy they make people by simply making some great food. 

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