Thursday, 16 February 2017

So Mr. Trump...

... I invite you to come and visit the Kiziba Refugee Camp in Kibuye, Rwanda. 

You see, in this one camp alone there are about 20,000 Congolese Refugees. They are there because there has been unrest in Eastern Congo since the end of the genocide in 1994. The UN Peacekeepers that are there make up about 25% of the forces deployed in the UN worldwide along with a huge portion of the budget. UN Peacekeepers  ... can't keep peace they haven't brought AND with all the mining interests there and the UN involvement on the side - no peace will be brought. 

Hence... over 60% of the refugees in the Kiziba Camp are under the age of 25 and have no recollection of their 'homeland'. This is one camp in Rwanda. There are four others that hold Congolese as well and two which have Burundian Refugees. 

I just learned today that some the refugees that were close to resettlement to America are now being told they need to wait indefinitely. Indefinitely for what? They have already been waiting through a more than two year vetting process. 
They are Congolese. 
They are not on the list.
I KNOW you're significantly cutting back on the number of refugees entering America. 
But when you are a huge part as to why there is no peace in the region ... I'm begging you to at least offset the interests with the interests of the innocent.  

What really fuelled my fire, was reading this notice from World Relief USA. 
About makes my blood boil... 

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Ken said...

So absolutely ridiculous....