Wednesday, 22 February 2017

Flying Comets

So yesterday I wrote about my changing expectations regarding food stuffs here in Rwanda. 
On the other end, we also have flying comets hit us ... and we NEVER know when!

What are the flying comets you might ask? 
They are those food items that appear for the shortest possible time on a store shelf and have never been seen again.  Some of the comets we have been hit with... 

Canada Dry Gingerale
A + W RootBeer
JetPuff Marshmallows
Smoked Gouda
Oreos DoubleStuff
Cherry Coke
HP Sauce
Yes, of course we can all live without the above examples BUT they do bring a settledness and a bit of joy. A little bit of sense that all is right in the world and will be okay - if only for a day or two. 

I think that God does the flying comet thing to remind me that it's the little things. 
I wonder what the next one will be and when?

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