Wednesday, 24 October 2012

Reverse Culture Shock

I always know that something will get me.
Before I head back to the west, I always brace myself for all the choices of most everything - entire AISLES of cereal ... etc.! Plus half of it is half the price of what we pay in Rwanda. Always a challenge to get into the 'Canadian groove' again.
I have had times when all I could do was breathe through the Zehr's supermarket, I melted down in the IKEA candle section, I have walked out of more than one store with nothing because I couldn't make a choice. I didn't know what it was going to be this time.
Dental floss!
So we landed in Canada yesterday and today I headed to my local Shopper's Drugmart to stock up on stuff. I come with no toiletries as it's so much cheaper to buy in Canada. On my list... .dental floss. 
I found it all right.
When I did, I just stood there and stared... trying to take it all in.
I finally counted my choices... THIRTY SIX!!! (36!!!!) not counting the pick thingy's.
Who needs 36 choices of dental floss?? Seriously people!
I breathed deep and finally found the familiar small white box with green letters - your basic floss in mint flavour. 
I left Shoppers Drugmart just a little sad and overwhelmed.

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