Thursday, 18 October 2012

Going 'home'

I was out last night with my two best friends here, Chrissie and Anita. It as our last hurrah before I leave for Canada for a couple of months.
We got talking about what it's like for us to return to our 'home'. Chrissie is from the UK while Anita is from S. Africa. Chrissie and I get back about every 2 years while Anita has been here 3.5 years and has yet to return.
We talked about our aging parents. We talked about the relationship with our siblings. We talked about the challenges of going back 'home'. For the three of us, Rwanda is where God has called us , where we have been blessed to be at complete peace in knowing, this is where we are to be. Of course we all miss our families and a few close friends very much. No doubt about that. But then there is the much larger group of friends and acquaintances and we got talking about how hard it is to relate. Life has changed so much for the three of us over the years. What we encounter on a daily basis is a lot different than 'home' and what we grew up with. Some of it we get used to and it becomes normal and other bits of it are still constant challenges for us. Big challenge - what to talk about with people? How much energy to put into trying to get someone to 'get' my life?
As time passes, God continues to move in and through all of us. That is true.
As I look forward to being in Canada, I'm praying that I have the energy to share my life with people and that I can do it in a relevant way. I'm also praying that those I do come in contact with encourage me in my daily journey of life.
What I know is ... I'm going to do my best to make the most of my time in Canada and I'll return to Rwanda with stories to tell my friends over our next coffee together.

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