Thursday, 23 August 2012

Ride for Refuge - Cycle for Rwanda!

The Ride for Refuge - formerly the Ride for Refugees started a number of years ago in Canada. Since that time, funds raised in the Ride has basically funded the ministry which we do in the Kiziba Refugee Camp.
The Ride is very important for us, in fact it are vital. I just read a story yesterday from a short-term team member this summer and the impact that the camp had on his life. This camp is full of hopelessness. The refugees sit and wait for fighting to end, but from waht I see
As an organisation we have been doing what we can to support the refugees, and give some hope to the camp. We have provided schooling for a small number who have completed their university studies, we have supplied capital and training for micro businesses, done pastoral training and leadership development, and in the last two months, have now put up the walls and roof for a library.
But we need your help to do more. Our goals are to support even more students to get a full education whether we partner with a local school, or create a learning center in the camp. We hope to fill the library with books, and allow the refugees to enter and read and learn. And we hope to partner more with the Youth group in the camp, and assist them in their goals for bringing hope and Life to Kiziba.
But, all of these things we can’t do without your help. For some more information, and to see the camp, please watch the video below:

The Ride for Refugee in North America is September 29
So, if you can, please sign up to do the ride. Join the WMB Riders or register a team of your own, or sponsor one of the teams / team members riding for Kiziba, and help partner with us to make these goals a reality, and bring some hope into the camp.
Teams in North America
WMB Rwanda Riders – Link (Waterloo)
Visit to find teams riding for Kiziba Camp, or start your own…

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