Tuesday, 14 August 2012


Yesterday we did something that we've been dreaming of for years - take all the kids in our houses and their house moms to Akagera National Park for the day!!

We told the kids on Friday after the dance camp. Oh my goodness I have never seen them so excited! What joy for me to watch them jump and shout around. 

Oh what fun we had.
At 4am we loaded up a minibus and a coaster bus and headed out.
47 of us!

First stop, giraffes
 Then lots of zebra, waterbuffalo, antelope of all sizes and makes, baboons, monkeys and birds and I'm sure I've missed something ...

Picnic lunch for everyone

We saw so many hippos out of water.
Very fun
Our family at one of my favourite lookouts.
Incredible view

Had a WILD encounter with the rogue elephant.
There is never a guarantee that you'll see elephants but
Isabella prayed very earnestly the night before and God heard her!
Serge was the one with the eagle eyes who spotted him in the bush.
And then the elephant decided to visit us.
Good thing the minibus and the coaster bus have decent pick up!

All of us at the end of a very long, dusty day.
Time for the 2 hour drive home, showers and BED!


Ken said...

I love that you guys did this! Such great memories! Very cool!! And we're going there when I come to visit!

cochrane said...

Very, very cool. Way to pray, Isabella!