Monday, 27 February 2012

Second Highschool Graduate!!

Serge and I were on our way out to dinner on Friday night with some friends when we got a call from Desire.
He had just received he results from the Senior 6 (grade 12) Rwanda National Exam.


He is our second former street kid to graduate from highschool.
When we started working with street kids in 2005, it was only a VERY distant dream that one or more would even think about graduating from highschool.

We are very proud of Desire and look forward to doing all we can to get him into university next year.
Any takers to help him out?? :-)


Alison Witt said...

This is so fantastic! Way to go Desire!

bee said...

Hey Jen;
I graduate from University this coming Christmas and if any of your students need help with English or a bit of tutoring I could help you out!
Becca Schwarz

cochrane said...

Great story and Desire deserves a lot of credit, I'm sure.

Send me a note when you get a sec with what kind of help might be effective.