Friday, 24 February 2012

Cheese Strike!

SO... no cheese in Kigali.
No local cheese that is. Sure I can buy stuff imported from Europe but who's got a budget to sustain that?

This is the second cheese strike since I have lived here. Thinking it was 2006 when we couldn't get cheese for about 6 months, maybe more.
Wonder how long this one will last?

I've never been a huge fan of the cheese here as it's a mild gouda at best ... but when you can't have it, well, you want it! Like today for lunch we had some sloppy joes and was wanting a few cheese sprinkles on top. What about pizza tonight for dinner but cheeseless pizza... mmmmmmmmm.... 

I know, I know that I have friends reading this who can't have cheese because of dietary reason, but ... I sure hope this strike ends sooner than later!


Ken said...

No one understands like I do. =) We had the sugar shortages of 2010 and the highway blockades of 2009 when no fruit or vegtables could get into the city... =)

Hope you get your cheese soon.

cochrane said...

Relax Jen or people will start calling you a Cheeses Freak.