Monday, 9 January 2012

First day of School!

With Bucumi, our day guard, ready to go

SOBBED as soon as I was back in the car from dropping her.
Oh my... and to think that I wouldn't let my mom walk me out the
lane on my first day. My mom says she cried as she watched me
walk away... so guess it's okay!?
With Dad in her new classroom


Nicola said...

She's so cute in her uniform!

Lana said...

Awe's a new stage for you and your girl. She looks so grown up. Just wait till Beni goes, there will be no tears, only screams of joy as you will FINALLY have alone time!! Tell Isabella that I am so excited for her to finally go to school!!

cochrane said...

She's adorable!

I can's a bittersweet milestone.


Clara said...

Truly an exciting time for Isabella but hard for you Jen to let go. She looks so like a "lady" really ready for school. When Beni comes along it will be much easier.